The Retro Story goes way back starting with one of our founders, Tim, helping his uncle Peter fix his series 1 as a kid - he knew he would one day own his own Land Rover. Those early days spent with his uncle Peter lead to him becoming a master technician, honing his skills on pretty much every car imaginable over the last 30 years. 


He eventually realised his dream and bought his own Land Rover Defender 90, the "original". After partially stripping it down at home during some time off, he painted the car by hand in Atlantic Green & added some modifications giving the car a completely new look. 


Soon his new look car was getting a lot of attention around the world on Instagram which came to the attention of Retro's other founder, Ben. 


Although not as skilled with his hands, Ben had always wanted to rebuild a car but did not have the experience or knowledge to do it alone. A chance conversation about it one afternoon lead to them deciding to build a car together. Within a matter of weeks they had gone from building a car on the side to creating a business.


Retro Defenders Ltd was born.

Now, with the full Retro team, they combine over 70 years experience in the motor industry, building heading turning, unique vehicles, selling to customers in countries around the world, from the UK to Europe and the Americas. 

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