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Defender 90 EV 

Defender 90 





2 seats

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Project Privé EVRetro x Electrogenic

We are delighted to announce Project Privé EV, our first Electric Defender, produced in partnership with Electrogenic. Combining our attention to detail, build quality, style & knowledge of classic Land Rovers with Electrogenic's innovative, market leading technology, this is a match of the highest quality.

Project Privé EV really is one of a kind.


It is a perfect example of our style, keeping original elements at the heart of the build with a classic, Retro look, which we have combined with an aggressive stance.


Painted in Dolphin Grey, the classic elements really stand out. A beautiful interior combination of TVR Blue Mohair seats, Marche Cream leather dash, Iroko cubby box with removable Marshall Kilburn II, Iroko picnic bench rear seats & floor set the tone. Add in the colour coded 18" steel wheels, Series III doors with removable door tops & the galvanised cappings & there are so many elements to love about this Defender 90.

Seamlessly matched to the classic elements are the colour coded Forrest wheel arches, Puma bonnet & aircon front end. Our high quality stainless steel grille set & front bumper add to the classic look.


The stance is completed by the On Air adaptable air suspension, giving a low, sleek look when the car is parked, whilst also offering the best possible ride quality, with three driving modes allowing the car to adapt to any surface.


Running the E62 package, the vehicle produces an impressive 120kW of power from the motor & 900Nm at the transfer box, offering immediate torque delivery. The brakes have been upgraded to 18" AP Racing Radi-cal brakes, helping you to stop as quickly as you can now accelerate.

Project Privé EV was showcased on the Electrogenic stand at Salon Privé and sold on the third day of the show, impressing the general public & judges alike.

About Electrogenic

Established in 2018, Electrogenic have spent years refining their available products, not only offering Electric solutions for classic Land Rovers, but also a number of other marques including Jaguar & Porsche.

The Defender kits deliver exciting performance and real off-road capability.  All the kits drive like an “automatic”, but retain the transfer box so you still have full four-wheel drive, high and low ratios, and the transfer box diff-lock.  This combines exceptional drivability with great off-road performance – you can’t stall an electric motor and the ready torque will get you up anything. 

Each kit is made in house at Electrogenic HQ in Kidlington, Oxfordshire. They are designed to bolt straight onto original chassis mounts without any modifications, meaning everything is also reversible.


The kits are controlled via a VCU designed & made by Electrogenic's team of experts, offering overarching control of the whole process. This means some vehicle characteristics, including power & torque delivery, can be altered to fit different driving styles or environments.

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Door Handles
Lift up
Door Hinges
Early Defender colour coded
Door Mirrors
Standard colour coded
Clear LED
Side Lights & Indicators
Coloured LED
Headlight Surrounds
Series bezel colour coded
Front Bumper
Retro left in stainless steel finish
Retro left in stainless steel finish
Side & Wing Vents
Retro left in stainless steel finish
18" Steel wheels colour coded
275/65/R18 Maxxis Bighorn M/T
Wheel Arches
Wide Forest colour coded
Adaptable air suspension with Fox shock absorbers
Partially recovered in Marche Cream leather with colour coded elements
Front Seats
Defender without headrests (heated)
Rear Seats
Picnic benches with low lying back rest
Sound System
Removable Marshall Kilburn II
Solid Iroko cubby box with TVR Blue canvas lid
Steering Wheel
Light wood with chrome spokes
Transfer Knob
Series style in black
Front Door Internals
Exposed paintwork with Iroko hardwood finisher
Rear Door Card
Covered in TVR Blue canvas
Raptored in Dolphin Greywith rubber mats
Rear Tub
Iroko hardwood slats finished in clear wax
Full, bare chassis, full nut & bolt rebuild
Sand blasted back to bare metal, primed & painted Dolphin Grey in Raptor
Chassis Care
Waxoyled internally & externally
Electrogenic E62 Defender 120kW motor delivering 900Nm to the transfer box
High/Low gear select for on & off-road performance
Transfer Box
LT230 rebuilt by Hobsons Industries
Allisport XL
18" AP Radi-cal high performance brakes
Fully reconditioned
Driver Side
Left hand drive
Exterior Colour
Dolphin Grey
Interior Colour
TVR Blue mohair & Marche Cream leather
Bikini Colour
TVR Blue mohair
Roof Sticks
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Interested?  Call us: +44 (0)1423 203 515

Range rover grill


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