D90 SVX Ragtop - £45995

This rare SVX ragtop is a beautiful example of what has become a highly collectable vehicle. An excellent investment opportunity, viewing is strongly recommended.


D110 Build Slot 2021

Interested in securing our next available D110 build slot for a Defender 110 built to your specification? For more information please get in touch.


90 2.5 Petrol - From £6995

Offered for sale is this 1987 Land Rover 90 2.5 petrol which has covered only 57000 miles. It would make the perfect donor vehicle for a restoration.


D110 Crazy Mountains - Sold (USA - In Build)

Montana, home of the Crazy Mountains is where this D110 Station Wagon is soon to call home, bringing our customers 30 year dream to reality. It's due for completion early Q2 2021.


D90 Pantone - Sold (UK)

A perfect example of building an idea, this D90 turned out even better then imagined. Our customer was very passionate about the aesthetics from paintwork to interior trim & we think he nailed it.


D110 Beachrunner -
Sold (USA)

This build was commissioned by our clients, Alex & Gina in Oregon, USA. Seating 8 people it is perfect for trips down to the beach or lake.


D90 Mojo -
Sold (UK)

This 200tdi came to us partially restored by its owner who had lost momentum with his build.

Finished in Keswick Green our customer spared no expense in upgrading a host of different features on the car.


D90 Ragtop -
Sold (Austria)

This Ragtop 90 spent most of it's life serving in the British Army. It was the first car we modified which ultimately led to the creation of Retro Defenders.


D90 Puma Station Wagon - Sold (UK)

This 2007 Land Rover Defender 90 2.2TDCi Puma is a fantastic example for its age that has recently had substantial investment in both spec & upkeep.


D90 Eivissa Twist - Sold (Ibiza)

Heading to the party island of Ibiza, this D90 Ragtop will have the style of the first ragtop we ever built mixed in with some of our customers personal preferences. It's due for delivery in Q1 2021.


D90 Build Slot 2021

Interested in securing our next available D90 build slot for a Defender 90 built to your specification? For more information please get in touch.


Range Rover Classic - Sold (USA)

This 1984 Range Rover Classic has lived most of it's life in Monte Carlo & has only covered 59000 km's . This car now lives in New Jersey, USA.


D90 Orange Explorer - Sold (In Build)

This Defender 90 started life as a black 200TDi which is how Tim, one of our founders, bought it. It is now about to take on a whole new look for it's tour of Europe & North Africa on completion.


D90 Ragtop 2.0 - Sold (USA)

Our original ragtop was the inspiration for D90 Ragtop 2.0. It's now splits its time between the beautiful subtropical beaches of South Carolina & the law making state of Washington DC, USA.


D90 Pickup -
Sold (Germany)

Bought from the "pompiers" in southern France, this car underwent a full nut & bolt restoration. It is now living it's life in Germany.


D90 Original -
Sold (UK)

This Defender 90 was bought by one of our founders, Tim & was the inspiration for the beginning of Retro Defenders.

With Tim buying a Series 1 this car has now become the donor vehicle for the Orange Explorer.


D90 Miami Commission - Sold (USA)

This Defender was stripped right back to the chassis & fully rebuilt. Painted Portafino Red, this car has an eclectic mix of original features & big upgrades.

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