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A Retro Render. To A Retro Reality.

Updated: Jan 31

Defender 90

Did you know before we start each build, we provide all our clients with a 360 degree render? How cool does this look! We are loving the smart dolphin grey against the satin black wheels and underbody.

Defender 90's

Arriving at Retro HQ as a well used left hand drive Spanish donor vehicle, this Defender 90 was the perfect base for a full transformation. Desperate to get our hands on it, our technicians started stripping it down on the day of its arrival.

Defender 90 Build

Defender 90 chassis

Starting from a clean slate! Our process began building this Retro Defender.

As with all our builds, we started with a good solid chassis as we tend to find with donor vehicles from Spain. Our build specialist, Tom has rebuilt the axles and mounted them to the chassis, fitted the suspension, the brakes and has run the main chassis wiring loom. As requested by our client, he has fitted our custom -1” springs & Fox shock absorbers giving the car an enhanced stance.

Defender 90 build

Taking shape now- the transformation is impressive!

As requested by our client, he wanted us to install a 300TDi engine. PSST! Our engine choices range from 200TDi, 300TDi, TD5, Puma and Rover V8’s - It’s your build, your choice…

As the body work on most donor vehicles are in such poor condition, we often replace a lot of the panels for new ones. Returning from the spray booth in dolphin grey, the outcome of the new parts look second to none!

Defender 90 build process

Starting to look more and more like the render?

This is where we are at! Up until this point, Tom has spent approximately 500 hours on this build. Not only is this Retro 90 Ragtop beginning to look more and more aesthetically pleasing, but after Tom spends another 500 hours building it, our client will soon be able to take it on any adventure that they desire.

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