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Retro Defender. Reveal ready.

Updated: Jan 10

retro renge rovers

As promised, we are ready to reveal our latest build.

Introducing the latest Retro Defender 110 County Station Wagon in Keswick Green…

Arriving at Retro HQ as a tired donor vehicle, this Defender was overdue for a full transformation. With our help, our client has chosen all the details of the build. And we love it! After spending over 1000 hours on this versatile Defender our technicians have not only made it aesthetically pleasing, but also capable for any adventure our client desires.

retro defenders

As with all our builds we have added approx 500 test miles. Part of the route we chose for this D110 included some of Yorkshire’s most scenic off road trails. Fitted with adaptable air suspension and Fox shock absorbers, we were able to put this Defender to the test of all its capabilities. From off-roading in lift mode, to navigating Yorkshire’s winding country roads, the air suspension offered excellent all-round performance and comfort.

custom defenders

This is an interior of dreams! What do you think?

Again, designed to our clients taste, this is a match made in heaven! Fitted with exclusive Shelly Spice leather sports seats, which were finished with a hexagonal interior stitch to match one of our clients other vehicles. To compliment the seats, we have added Iroko wood floors finished with black caulking throughout.

retro defender

The list of uses for a Retro Defender are pretty endless, but allow us to name a few…

Your everyday vehicle? Off-roading? A weekend vehicle? For fitting all the shopping inside? Camping trips? The school run? Picnicking in the park?

Whatever you intend to use a Defender for, your journey starts here.

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